Christina Pila

I am a passionate individual who prides herself on being able to communicate easily with anyone, and on being able to complete any task I put my mind to. I excel at translating between "boss speak," "tech speak," and non-technical layman's terms to prevent misunderstandings. I highly value hard work and support my ideas with hard data, personal experience, and research. As a leader, I have been recognized as being fair and equitable, patient, and knowledgeable with a focus on results and progress while making sure everyone has an equal seat at the table. I pride myself on being extremely approachable, and this benefits colleagues as much as myself; I am always happy to share advice, experiences, and resources, and am constantly learning new things from people I interact with.

I am passionate about technology, and have been working with it all my life; I started learning how to troubleshoot computers at the age of 5, and continued to teach myself skills as I grew. I would love to join a field where I can put my digital forensics degree to use, but would also be open to continuing my career in telecom network operations...or starting a new path completely! A unique skill of mine is the ability to learn practically anything; in my previous position I went from basic helpdesk to systems administrator in under a year, and at T-Mobile I went from having zero telecom knowledge to being able to do my job on my own within 6 months. I am always up for a challenge, and I enjoy learning new things.

In my career, I've enjoyed holding positions of trust with bosses and managers, which has given me the freedom and responsibility to lead projects and teams to make a real difference. I've had the opportunity to implement new software and procedures, implement and teach a "Lunch'n'Learn" program, and work on a few "war room" projects to support multiple markets across our entire region. My career has tested my abilities to learn quickly and adapt, and to master new procedures, and this is something that I have excelled at. I look forward to the next challenge!