Accolades & Awards

Spicies Award - The Innovator 2018

Pure genius & generosity characterize the Innovator. A never-ending source of insights and ideas for the betterment of all IT-kind, the Innovator's prolific product feedback, innovative suggestions and can-do spirit help the Spiceworks team evolve the product (and the cause of free-IT) -- so that Spiceworks just keeps getting better (and making your day easier)!

"Cyali is just one of those people you want in your community and, this year, we’re honored to have her as our Innovator. She’s stepped up in a variety of ways to help improve the quality of life for SpiceHeads. And, if you’re at SpiceWorld this year, you’ll get to see how she (and Jimmy T.) have stepped into some big shoes with the SpiceBuddy program to help it continue and move forward. But that is just the latest in a long list of examples and if you ever look at her profile and see all the contributions, areas she participates in, and the Community Badges she has, you’ll get just an inkling of that. We’re honored to have her as our Innovator because she goes above and beyond in making the Community a better place."