Group Affiliations

SpiceCorps Leader

Spiceworks IT Pro Community

SpiceCorps are groups of IT pros in the same geographic area from the Spiceworks community. They serve as a networking meetup as well as being educational on various subjects under the vast IT umbrella. Meetings are often sponsored by a vendor that gives a presentation on a product or service they offer. As leader, my main responsibility is organizing each meetup. This includes finding a vendor to sponsor, generating relevant content to present at meetups, and leading the meetings themselves.

I started by frequently attending SpiceCorps meetings that other SpiceLeaders in the area ran, but when I moved I found that all 3 existing groups in my area were over an hour away. As a result, I gathered interest from people in my area and put in a request to start my group in April 2016. As of late, I have expanded this role into recruiting sponsors into supporting SpiceCorps. I put together a broad survey collecting some demographics data from SpiceCorps attendees across the globe and condensed it into useful charts and figures that serves 2 main purposes: it gives other SpiceCorps leaders feedback on what topics and vendors go over well with attendees; and it provides hard data potential sponsors can use to justify the expense of sponsoring a meetup.

Forum Moderator

Spiceworks IT Pro Community

As a moderator, I work to maintain and preserve this online community of over 7 million IT professionals. In addition to the standard moderation duties of reviewing posts, handling reports, and moving threads to the proper forums, I mediate conflicts and disagreements between users, as well as guide the train back onto the tracks when people de-rail support topics. I seek out, investigate, and cancel spammer accounts. Related to this, any non-partners that attempt to sell their products, or unruly users that repeatedly violate our community guidelines, get put into moderation (which means any post they make goes into a moderation queue for one of our team to manually approve).

In addition to maintaining the community, the moderation team also helps to shape the community's future. We are often asked to test out and comment on new features that Spiceworks is looking to implement. We are often seen as experts on the community itself, since most of us are very active in the community.

I applied to and was subsequently offered the position in September 2016 and have never looked back. While it does often take a thick skin to volunteer as a forum moderator, it has been an incredibly valuable experience.

Women's Leadership Network (WLN) Network Leader

T-Mobile Diversity & Inclusion, Illinois/Wisconsin Chapter

The Women's Leadership Network is here for women, men, and gender nonconforming individuals who want to raise their hands to be leaders and change our workplace for the better. We promise to inspire, develop, and support women to reach for opportunity.

Our mission is to be famous for encouraging women to lead from every chair, tenaciously defend our share of voice and authentically lead in all facets of life.

As a board member for WLN, I was responsible for working with the other 3 board members to organize and run presentations and events, as well as support nationwide women's leadership events. I applied for this role in December 2017 and shortly after was chosen to become a board member. I left this role to become the Communications Chairperson for our chapter.

Communications Chair

T-Mobile Diversity & Inclusion, Illinois/Wisconsin Chapter

We embrace diversity and inclusion. Not just because it's the right thing to do. It helps us break down barriers and rewrite the rules. We support driving business goals, having professional development opportunities, and working together to make a difference.

As the new Communications Chairperson, I am responsible for ensuring board members in the groups submit intakes for events, generating and sending communications and calendar invites for events the D&I groups sponsor, making sure everything has the proper branding based on the D&I group, and owning the social media and photography aspect of events. Additionally, I am responsible for keeping meeting minutes for our bi-weekly chapter meetings.

Beyond the chair responsibilities, I have also offered to put together slide decks and proof-read emails, presentations, and documents for other D&I members in our chapter. These have always been strong skills for me, and I am happy to take the time to share them with others.

Applying for this role was an extremely difficult decision, as I am very passionate about women's leadership groups. I applied to and was accepted for this position in February 2019 and still serve as the Communications Chair. I have offered my support to the WLN board so that I can continue to be involved in planning and running events in an unofficial capacity.